Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford announce shock split after 14 years of marriage

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have ended their 14-year marriage.

Rumours of a shocking revelation started to spread on Saturday, before the couple's representatives finally confirmed the unfortunate news.

The joint statement read: "Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes have confirmed their marriage is over and they are in the process of divorcing."

Worries had been escalating about the popular pair, who had worked together for years on ITV's This Morning, after fans noticed that they hadn't been seen together in weeks.

The couple was known for their squabbling arguments, many of which were broadcasted live on ITV during their time on the daytime show, but they always maintained that their disagreements stemmed from a place of love, reports the Mirror.

The news of their separation, will likely shock fans who considered the couple to have one of the most genuine and long-lasting marriages on television.

Eamonn and Ruth
Eamonn and Ruth had been married for 14 years -Credit:Getty Images

Eamonn was let go from This Morning in 2020 while Ruth remained with their former employer as part of the Loose Women team. While Ruth still has a strong relationship with the station, Eamonn has made several criticisms against ITV in recent years after moving to GB News.

He alleged that he was abruptly dismissed from his Friday role on This Morning and claimed that ITV bosses were 'never kind' to him. "They tossed me out of the door and didn't care where I was going," Eamonn criticised.

The star has also been grappling with chronic pain, often seen using a wheelchair and crutches as his health issues have worsened. Ruth Langsford recently discussed the toll Eamonn's health has taken on their relationship for the first time.

Chatting with Woman's Weekly, Ruth expressed her concerns: "I don't know how much Eamonn's mobility will improve. We live in hope."

She continued, acknowledging the challenges they face: "He does the physio, but there might have to be some acceptance that this might never be 100% right. With any care situation - and there are millions of carers in this country - it isn't always easy. It's testing but we manage as a family.'".

Ruth reflected on the importance of well-being, saying: "I look at Eamonn, who's had his health and back problems, and it makes you realise how important your health is."

The couple share a son, Jack, aged 22, and Eamonn has three children from his previous marriage: Declan, 35, Niall, 31, and Rebecca, 33.

Ruth has kept quiet about her husband on social media since July 2022. Meanwhile, Eamonn raised eyebrows this week when he posted a photo cosying up to former page 3 icon Linda Lusardi.

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