Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford face financial feud in divorce after 27 years together

The split between Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford may have taken a bitter turn as the pair begin to discuss their financial separation.

The duo, who have been an item for 27 years and wedded for 14, confirmed their divorce earlier this week. They were previously viewed as one of the most stable couples in the entertainment industry.

However, now that finances are involved, things appear to be turning sour, with Eamonn's friends weighing in on the matter.

The couple, both aged 64, hadn't been seen together in public for several months, leading fans to speculate that their relationship was on the rocks, despite their positive comments about each other in interviews.

Rumours of their separation began to circulate following reports of heated arguments and Ruth's confession that her husband's poor health was putting strain on the family, reports the Mirror.

Now that the split is official, things are expected to deteriorate further. A friend of Eamonn told the Mail: "It could get nasty. To think that they would go from appearing so happy on TV, to potentially going to war over money is not what their viewers expected. He made her. Would she be earning the huge amount of money she does if they had never met? No."

They suggested that this should be factored into the financial settlement in the divorce.

Eamonn and Ruth have separated
Eamonn and Ruth have separated -Credit:ITV

In 2022, Ruth made a candid confession to her Loose Women co-stars, admitting she often resorts to giving Eamonn the silent treatment when they have an argument.

Touching upon whether couples should ever sleep on their disagreements, Ruth said: "The thing is, you know Eamonn and I, I just think that what some people call a row, I just call a disagreement or I don't have the same opinion as you."

"Sometimes we would never resolve it, so we're not that couple that go, 'I think we need to talk about this,' because I would still think that I was right about something. Genuinely, that's my opinion and it's just not your opinion and we'd end up arguing."

Ruth continued: "We have times where we would then ignore each other for the day, as in during the day. I'd just avoid him and think, 'He's getting on my nerves,' but then the minutiae of life happen, don't they? So when Jack was living at home, somebody would have to go, 'Who is driving Jack to go hockey? ' There's a point where you have to have a conversation and it kind of goes away."

In addition to holding a strong position within This Morning since the end of 2006, Ruth and Eamonn have been notable figures within the presentation realm independently, each securing prominent roles before their partnership.

Eamonn, a well-known anchor for ITV's breakfast show GMTV, met Ruth in 1997. Despite Ruth initially presenting regional news in Plymouth, she soon joined the talent agency YMU, which also represents Ant and Dec and Claudia Winkleman.

In 1999, she joined Loose Women, where she continues to work, before forming a double act with Eamonn seven years later.

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