Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford visited sex dungeon to gain marital satisfaction

The famous ITV duo, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were known for their candid discussions about intimacy on screen.

The couple sent shockwaves through the entertainment world when they announced their separation after 14 years of marriage over the weekend.

Eamonn is reportedly "angry" about the split, which he allegedly claims was "very much orchestrated by Ruth", who was "determined" to move on.

The pair have reportedly been leading 'separate lives, both professionally and personally' for two years.

Eamonn broke his silence on the sensational split while presenting on GB News this morning, thanking fans for support and cryptically telling viewers 'what a weekend it was' before moving onto discussing the football. Meanwhile, Ruth is taking a break from her Loose Women duties amid the break up.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes on This Morning
Ruth and Eamonn announced their split at the weekend -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Friends of the couple claim there are various factors which led to Ruth and Eamonn's marriage falling apart, including Eamonn's reported low moods during his struggles with chronic pain. The star has suffered with crippling health issues for years, and while Ruth has been by his side throughout, caring for him when he struggled with mobility, she previously admitted that Eamonn's injuries had been 'testing' on their marriage, reports the Mirror.

Fractures in their physical spark were seemingly apparent before their public announcement, with the Mail claiming that Eamonn joked to friends about being 'touched' more by his physio than Ruth in recent years.

Eamonn got stuck in with the toys
Eamonn got stuck in with the toys -Credit:Channel 5

Prior to their relationship hitting the rocks, the TV couple were notably upfront about their steamy intimate life, often entertaining viewers with bawdy double entendres at every opportunity. They even fronted a show in 2017 called Eamonn and Ruth's 7 Year Itch - dedicated to reigniting the spark in marriages.

The mini series saw Ruth and Eamonn venture into a sex dungeon - home to sex swings, latex-clad dominatrixes and whips - in an attempt to inspire couples' bedroom performances.

The Belfast-born presenter dove headfirst into the experience, handling a whip amidst intimidating-looking devices and admiring a blow-up sex doll on the programme.

Ruth and Eamonn visited a sex dungeon
Ruth and Eamonn visited a sex dungeon -Credit:Channel 5

Mistress Komakino, a professional in the field, joined the pair in the underground erotica haven, guiding them on how she aids couples in reigniting their passion.

Eamonn instructed the Mistress to spank a man wearing a leather bondage mask but Ruth showed some reservations as she grimaced: "Oh I don't like hurting people! ".

Ruth, however, has opened up about what turns her on before. Just a few months ahead of their separation, she spilled the beans about the one thing Eamonn would do to guarantee sex.

Talking to her fellow Loose Women panellists, she said: "You can have all the compliments and the flowers but then, if Eamonn comes home and has used my car and he goes, 'Filled the petrol up and did your water bottle', I'm like, 'Get upstairs right now'."

Ruth Langsford had the Loose Women audience and her co-stars in fits of giggles when she candidly shared: "I hate doing it. Literally, I'll go round with my petrol light on red, the water bottle empty, smeared [windscreen], I'm like, 'Oh I can't stop and do that,' so he'll do it for me and he knows, he knows."

She then quipped with a knowing smile: "Everyone's got their little trick."

Eamonn Holmes once humorously commented on their spirited love life, stating: "I love Ruth deeply but also I fancy her. How could I resist? No wonder I look tired all the time - that woman has me run ragged. I go to work for a break."

Ruth has spoken about how Eamonn's constant admiration for her body keeps the spark alive, telling The Mirror: "Eamonn is my biggest fan and always makes me feel really sexy," adding, "When I think I'm at my slimmest he thinks I'm too thin. He likes me curvy - he loves boobs, bottoms and legs. I'm really lucky because it would be awful to have a man who commented on me piling on the pounds."

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