Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford's marriage 'destroyed by same issue' that saw him split from first wife

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes shocked their followers when they revealed their split - though strains in the relationship had been apparent before the shocking news broke.

An insider close to the couple brought to light that their lengthy 27-year union fell apart as their professional obligations pulled them 'in different directions'. Work woes, particularly Ruth reportedly failing to navigate past Eamonn's frank disapproving remarks against ITV after they were both released from This Morning, are believed to be a major contributor.

Eamonn, 64, shared some words on the marriage breakup during his morning show on GB News today.

The presenter extended gratitude towards his supporters and reflected on the recent turmoil indicating "what a weekend it was".

The pair's longstanding supremacy in daytime television came ahead of a tumultuous period when they were abruptly laid off their This Morning role in 2021. Loyal to ITV, Ruth decided to keep her position in the panel of Loose Women, while Eamonn did not hold back his resentment towards the channel after he transitioned to GB News, reports the Mirror.

Public outrage allegedly caused Ruth discomfort, as both had starkly contrasting approach towards the career change.

Eamonn earnestly criticised ITV's top echelon for displaying no compassion, retorting: "They tossed me out of the door and didn't care where I was going."

He even reprimanded This Morning and ITV for its lack of diversity on a managerial level with 'middle-aged white managers' taking control.

Friends of the couple told the Mail that professional differences 'should not be underestimated' as a key reason behind the split. A pal of Ruth's is said to have told the publication: "The whole thing was pretty embarrassing for her. The fall out with ITV bosses proved hugely awkward for Ruth who remained an employee with her role on Loose Women and other shows. It left her feeling very angry and of course, prompted fears that his outbursts could damage her career."

This isn't the first time Eamonn's work life has caused tensions in a relationship, as similar problems brewed between him and his first wife before their divorce. While Eamonn insisted the separation was 'amicable', the Irish TV star had some difficult realisations during his first marriage to Gabrielle, who he has three children with.

In his 2008 book, This Is My Life: The Autobiography, he claimed his job was a major factor contributing to their split. While he had no issue in not being around for work during the week, it soon became clear that Gabrielle did.

He said: "That was the first time I realised there wasn't that emotional support there for me, though I probably had suspected it."

Eamonn explained: "By that stage we tended to be apart during the week because of my job, and I had no trouble with that - though Gabrielle obviously did. I always believed absence would make the heart grow fonder and, in fact, the commuting heightened my desperation for her, made the time less bearable and longer. But it gave my wife a life of her own, with her children, and come weekends I was intruding on it, y'know."

As they journey through their divorce, Ruth and Eamonn are expected to face difficult moments. Apparently enraged by the separation, Eamonn has been reportedly grappling with it in private.

Despite his alleged desire to shield their domestic troubles from public scrutiny while they attempted to mend their bond, Ruth was reportedly resolved to move on.

The mutual announcement is reportedly Ruth's doing, with Eamonn alleged to have abstained from participation. "Ruth can do what she wants but keep me out of it," the broadcaster supposedly told his friends.

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