Eamonn Holmes shares health update following spinal surgery

The TV star said
The TV star said "getting around with crutches is exhausting” after health complications (Photo: Kirsty O'Connor)

Eamonn Holmes has shared a health update with his fans following his recovery from spinal surgery. The TV star said that he has been left “humble, helpless but grateful” as a result of the experience.

The GB News presenter, 63, has been in recovery since his spinal operation last September. He then suffered a fall months after the surgery, which left him unable to walk.

The former This Morning host spoke to Best magazine to provide an update on his health. He said: "Well, I can walk if that’s what you mean (50 steps, to be exact) but I now accept life is easier with help from others. Getting around with crutches is exhausting. I wish I could walk further but, for now, I can’t."

The star is married to TV presenter Ruth Langsford. He was asked how it felt to rely on others for assistance.

He replied: "Humble, helpless but grateful. However, it’s truly draining when you have to say, 'do you mind? Could you...? Thank you, I’m sorry.'

"For the short term it’s to have someone with me, assisting me. Will it go on for six months? A year? I don’t know but I haven’t lost my need to work. What is the point of not doing things? I thank God that mentally I can cope…I have a joie de vivre."

Holmes injured his shoulder as a result of the fall. He recently interviewed Australian runner Tim Franklin and explained that he “can’t run, can’t walk, can’t do anything except watch TV and eat”.