Eamonn Holmes hit with huge tax bill after losing court case with HMRC

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
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    While I feel for Eamonn Holmes as a freelance employee everyone in employment must be aware of the legal requirement of the so called Self Employed or freelance to pay their taxes and keep proper records which should be submitted every 12 months at the end of the tax year. People like Lorraine Kelly should still be pursued by HMRC as she is due to pay tax on her £1.2million tax bill less approved expenses, and the Judge involved in that case should have been removed from office. It was only the late great Ken Dodd who thought he had it right when he offered his tax at 1 penny in the pound not realising it had increased since Queen Victoria's time.
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    JON R
    The majority of us do not like paying tax but due to PAYE we only get the net amount paid to us. Others may well be self employed and possibly avoid a small element of tax but nothing that drastic.
    Then we have footballers and celebrities and others who actively employ people to move their money around to confuse HMRC and know they are avoiding tax and see it as almost a game.
    You then have the multi-nationals that use haven to almost pay no tax and then agree a deal to pay £50 million to resolve the matter. Sadly due to the complexities of these cases , HMRC accept that deal, but knowing that they are only getting a fraction of what is due but excuse it as the deal is better than nothing.
    It does seem that small avoidance's are actively pursued for every penny but those that owe millions get away with a deal which is totally wrong.
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    Steve Carl
    'Last year Lorraine Kelly dodged a £1.2million tax bill for her ITV work after a judge ruled she’s performing “the role of a friendly, chatty and fun personality”, rather than appearing as herself.' Typical judge. How can she not be appearing as herself ffs.
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    Pull the other one. You were employed by the same company for a decade. A true freelancer could do business with a dozen companies in one month. You tried to avoid paying tax and got caught.
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    Now maybe Mr Taxman please ask yourself why Jacob Rees-Mogg's Somerset Capital Management operates from the Cayman Islands, why Lord Ashcroft's is based in Belize, The Barclay Brothers are in Sark or why does Richard Branson still get access to British infrastructure when he so patriotic he moved to the Caribbean and Virgin Healthcare has paid no tax on £2billion NHS deals.
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    this is exactly why taxes are so high for the average Joe.
    Because those earning all the money and large corporations avoid tax.

    if they paid in life would be better for everyone, not just the eilte few.
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    "Freelance" for a single employer... How he thought they'd fall for that one I don't know.
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    To me it is simple, you work and earn money, you pay tax on that money. No one knows if their job will be there next week. Paul's wife
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    Funny how they all claim they would not intentionally avoid paying their tax when caught trying to avoid paying their dues!
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    Everyone full of spite and envy today, but nobody commenting that the people who make the rules are exempt from them.
    If you are a contractor, providing services to a company, in, say Manchester, and you get more contracts in Manchester, you have to stop claiming expenses after two years.
    MPs carry on claiming indefinitely, even though they are employees.