Earl Spencer’s former employee complains to police over false documents

Tony Jones, PA Court Correspondent
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A former employee of Earl Spencer, who claims he was the subject of false documents allegedly used to gain access to Diana, Princess of Wales, has made a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police.

A legal representative of Alan Waller, who used to work for Diana’s brother Charles Spencer as head of security, has written to the Met alleging unlawful activity.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We can confirm that correspondence has been received alleging unlawful activity. Any information received will be assessed accordingly.

“At this time, there is no police investigation.”

Diana with Bashir during the Panorama interview
Diana with Martin Bashir during the Panorama interview (PA)

It has been alleged journalist Martin Bashir used two mocked-up bank statements to falsely show Mr Waller was receiving payments, as a way to persuade the earl to give him access to Diana.

The BBC has previously said in a statement that during an internal corporation investigation in 1996 Mr Bashir admitted commissioning mocked-up bank documents.

And whilst they had been shown to Earl Spencer, he said they had played no part in securing the princess’s appearance on the BBC’s Panorama programme in 1995.

Diana with her then private secretary Patrick Jephson, at Heathrow Airport. Tim Ockenden/PA Wire
Diana with her then private secretary Patrick Jephson, at Heathrow Airport (Tim Ockenden/PA)

Earl Spencer has alleged Mr Bashir showed him fake financial documents relating to Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson, and another former royal household member, and told outlandish and untrue stories about the royal family to gain access to his sister.

His claims have led the BBC to appoint Lord Dyson, former Master of the Rolls and head of civil justice, to lead a new independent investigation, which has already begun, to discover what steps the BBC and Mr Bashir took to land the interview with Diana.