Earth Hour 2018: London to go dark in support of the WWF movement

Sophia E. Lipp
Lights out: the capital will be plunged into darkness in the name of climate change: NIKLAS HALLE'N/AFP/Getty Images

London will be plunging itself into darkness on Saturday night for Earth Hour, a worldwide lights-out event that seeks to call attention to climate change.

At 8:30pm on March 24, iconic monuments across the globe like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Trevi Fountain and Sydney Harbour Bridge will power down for 60 minutes in support of the World Wildlife Fund’s climate change movement. Across the capital, sites including Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye and Parliament will power down for the evening.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 and has been going strong in March of every year since. This year rings a bit differently than the rest as the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is using the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement as an extra incentive to go green Saturday night, a definite dig at Donald Trump.

Still, the hour is calling for more than just a political change and bit of dark. The movement’s main target is the everyman and calls for green changes to everyday activities. For each individual that promises to live a more environmentally friendly life on Earth Hour’s website, Ariel Laundry Detergent will donate £1 to protecting the planet.

Trevi Fountain in the dark for Earth Hour. (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

To behold the blackout, grab a prime viewing spot on the South Bank or your favourite rooftop bar, and don’t forget: we’ve only got one Earth, so even if it's just for one hour, let her shine.