Easily Upgrade Basic Gummy Bears With A Freezer Hack

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If you're craving a bite of something chewy, fruity, and adorably shaped, gummy bears are definitely the answer. Gummy bear candy has been around since the 1920s; the sweet was invented by Hans Riegel Sr., a German candy maker and founder of the iconic candy manufacturing company, Haribo. Over 100 years later, these tasty, playful treats are still enjoyed amongst kids and adults alike. Recently, creators on TikTok have shared that there is an even better way to enjoy gummy bears, and it involves dropping the temperature below freezing.

When you freeze gelatinous foods, you are left with a rather interesting texture. While other candies might become extra crunchy and breakable after a trip to the freezer, gummy bears will most likely become extra chewy and chilly with a burst of flavor. According to AllRecipes, freezing Jell-O modifies the surface into "a blend of hard and soft textures in a cool, chewy treat." Gummy bears, also made with gelatin, seem to react similarly to the cold.

Don't get this easy hack confused with freeze-dried candies, which transform the gummy-like texture into something crunchy and puff-like after being inside a freeze-drying machine. Unless you have a gadget to help you or a ton of dry ice, it's not that easy to DIY your own freeze-dried candies. Putting gummy bears via your freezer, on the other hand, is a simple and delicious way to enjoy the popular snack with no extra kitchen tools required.

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Thanks To TikTok, Eating Gummy Bears Will Never Be The Same

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One TikToker shared their favorite way to enjoy gummy bears with the caption, "I refuse to eat them [at] room temperature now." The quick video blew the minds of users across the platform, earning over 130,000 likes and 2000 comments full of people excited to try this freezer hack. One user in the comments asked how long to freeze a bag of gummy bears. They received vastly different answers — some recommended 12 minutes, while others said two days — but ultimately a helpful veteran of gummy bear freezing responded, saying that leaving them overnight should allow plenty of time for the gelatin to change into a crunchy new form.

If you are hoping to try out this exciting new candy hack for yourself, consider laying them out on a tray or a plate. Leaving them in a plastic bag to freeze could result in one giant, frozen gummy bear ball which sounds hilarious and delicious, but might not be as easily enjoyed as individual bites of frozen goodness. This isn't the first time candy lovers have been instructed to throw their favorite sweet treat in the freezer –- certain fruits, baked goods, and even sour candies have all gotten a frozen upgrade thanks to TikTok.

More Candies To Enjoy After Leaving Them In The Freezer

Woman bites a piece of chocolate
Woman bites a piece of chocolate - ViDI Studio/Shutterstock

Whether you're wondering how to enjoy all your leftover halloween candy without it going bad or you just don't have any more room for all your goodies in the pantry, tossing candy into the freezer can elevate your eating experience while extending its shelf life. Like many perishable goods, candy lasts much longer if it's frozen. When you don't feel like waiting for your favorite sweet to thaw before digging in, you might be surprised to find that plenty of candies taste great fresh out of the freezer.

Experimental chocolate lovers have long enjoyed freezing Snickers bars, Reese's cups, and Twix for an extra crunchy experience. Sour candies like Sour Patch Kids and Airhead Extremes have also been known to bring out an intense flavor after freezing. This delicious freezer hack can totally transform your candy consumption, but be careful. Those with extra sensitive teeth may have a tough time enjoying the added chill, and frozen candies can become extra hard and more difficult to chew. You may want to proceed with caution if your teeth have a history of sensitivity to temperature. Softer candies like peppermint patties and chocolate-based bars might be a good place to start before tackling those tougher gummy bears.

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