East Jerusalem clashes leave over 100 injured

Violent clashes took place between Israeli police and Palestinians outside Jerusalem on Thursday (April 22). The police prevented hundreds of Jewish extremists from marching to the area in a series of escalated tensions. The clashes came after running street battles between Jews and Arabs in downtown Jerusalem. In response, the Orthodox Jewish Lehava group had called for a protest on Thursday in a show of “national honor.” Some 300 activists from the Lehava group took part in the march that brought them to within a few dozen meters of Damascus Gate where Palestinians had gathered in a counter-protest. Tensions began to rise and violence broke out, with the Lehava group reportedly chanting "'Death to Arabs" and "Arabs get out." Ahead of the march, The Times of Israel reported that police had said: "We allow protest in the name of freedom of expression, but we will take action against any form of violence.” According to the BBC, the Palestinian Red Crescent said at least 100 Palestinians were injured, while police said 20 officers were hurt. In addition, more than 50 people were arrested.