East Lancs bed firm unveils new luxury mattress range

The new Hypnos mattress you can get your hands on at Bensons for Beds
The new Hypnos mattress you can get your hands on at Bensons for Beds

East Lancashire bed retailer, Bensons for Beds, has revealed its first collection of luxury mattresses by leading bedmaker Hypnos.

The Accrington-based firm has partnered with Hypnos with the new range available at more than 40 stores across the country.

The Luxurious Earth collection includes five mattresses with three comfort options, and is recognised for its commitment to sustainability, made using responsibly sourced, sustainable and low carbon footprint materials.

This includes British wool, ethically sourced cotton, and Himalayan nettle fibre called allo, which cools the body. They also feature a sustainable fibre called eOlus, made from recycled plastic bottles, along with natural latex, organic wool and silk, and packaging made from sugar cane.

Prices for the new mattress start at £1,099.99, with the most expensive mattress a whopping £2,499.99.

Bensons for Beds’ director of marketing and innovation, Lara Purcell, said: “This is a great example of two businesses committed to craft heritage and innovation coming together to offer customers even more choice.

“With its commitment to quality and its leadership in sustainability, we’re very proud to partner with Hypnos as we move into the premium luxury category to offer our customers even more in our stores.”

David Baldry, managing director at Hypnos, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Bensons for Beds to launch the Luxurious Earth collection to further inspire everyone to sleep sustainably.

“Our goal is to make a positive impact on the environment and society, whilst enabling as many people as possible to sleep sustainably in a Hypnos bed, and our Luxurious Earth collection has been designed with this in mind.

“We look forward to working with Benson for Beds to help more consumers enjoy comfort with integrity when it comes to choosing their new mattress.”

Despite being based in Accrington, the firm has no stores in East Lancashire, with the nearest being in Preston – however the new range isn’t available there.

The nearest stores where the new Hypnos range will be available are Blackpool, Bolton, Bury, Kendal, and Manchester.