East Lancs Elvis impersonator discovers this famous comedian is his cousin

Ray Godwin (middle) appeared on DNA Journey to meet his celebrity cousin <i>(Image: Ray Godwin)</i>
Ray Godwin (middle) appeared on DNA Journey to meet his celebrity cousin (Image: Ray Godwin)

An Elvis impersonator from East Lancashire was surprised to discover that he is related to a famous comedian.

Ray Godwin, from Crawshawbooth, made a brief appearance on ITV show DNA Journey, a show where celebrities are given a unique insight into their lives using innovative DNA science and technology to trace their ancestors.

On the show he discovered that comedian Johnny Vegas, known for starring in Benidorm and Home From Home, is his long lost celebrity cousin.

Ray said: “I was interested in finding out my family history but had no idea I was related to Johnny Vegas at the time.

“I completed a DNA test and later ITV got in touch and asked if I would be interested in meeting a celebrity cousin but they didn’t tell me until the day of filming who it was.

Lancashire Telegraph: (L-R) Alex Brooker, Ray Godwin, Johnny Vegas
Lancashire Telegraph: (L-R) Alex Brooker, Ray Godwin, Johnny Vegas

(L-R) Alex Brooker, Ray Godwin, Johnny Vegas (Image: Ray Godwin)

“I have some family that come from St Helens which is where the shared ancestry comes from.”

Ray, who has been an Elvis impersonator for around 15 years, was asked to meet Johnny at a social club in his home town of St Helens.

On the show Johnny and fellow comedian Alex Brooker can be seen bursting into laughter once they spot Ray, who was performing in a gold Elvis suit.

Ray said: “That moment in the show was hilarious…I don’t think he expected me to be an Elvis impersonator.

“I was delighted to find out that he’s my cousin.

“We talked for around an hour and we had such a laugh. We really have a similar sense of humour.

“He was really pleased and he told me he didn’t think there were any other performers in the family.”

Ray said Johnny has since kept in touch as is a kind man.

He said: “He’s given me his phone number and he said he wants to organise a karaoke party for the family in the near future.

“He’s a really nice guy. He's a caring man and a great comedian. I like that he champions the NHS and does some charity work.

“My immediate family think it’s hilarious. It’s exciting to have a celebrity cousin.

“I am so glad I did the DNA test now, I would recommend it to anyone. This is just one cracking example of how good the discoveries can be.”

You can watch the episode of DNA Journey on ITV X.