East Yorkshire girl, 6, helps to name new housing development

Six year old Alissa from Swanland named a new housing development site
-Credit: (Image: Crest Nicholson)

A new Swanland development site with 150 homes will soon be open - and the name has a special origin.

The new development, from housebuilder Crest Nicholson, asked Swanland Primary School to help name the new site - with a six-year-old's suggestion standing out.

Student Alissia, from Swanland, impressed the developers with her suggested name of Cygnet View - with her creativity being applauded for capturing the essence of the development site.

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The new site is located on the outskirts of the quaint village of Swanland. Cygnet View will see 150 two to five bedroom homes and bungalows be constructed.

The housing development will also include 25 per cent affordable housing, which developers see as the perfect opportunity for first time buyers and growing families alike.

Natalie Haigh, Head of Sales and Marketing at Crest Nicholson, commented: “We were impressed by the enthusiasm and imagination shown by the students at Swanland Primary School. Alissia’s suggestion stood out for its connection to the local environment and we loved how inviting it felt for prospective buyers. "

"We’ve already received high interest for the development, so would encourage any potential buyers to get in touch with our friendly sales team as soon as possible to find out more about the homes and schemes available at Cygnet View.”

Construction on Cygnet View has already commenced, and it is expected that the first completions are expected in 2024. An exclusive first look at the site will go live on Crest Nicholson's website on June 1.