EastEnders' Aaron Monroe reported to police by dad Harvey

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Aaron Monroe has faced police thanks to his father Harvey in EastEnders' right-wing extremism storyline's latest twist.

His dad Harvey has desperately tried to get Aaron away from the hate group after the failed New Year's Eve bomb plot, but his son has now agreed to take over the group from Manchester and wants sister Dana to come too.

Aaron was intent on keeping his plan to leave Walford with Dana on track in Thursday's (January 13) episode until he found out she'd gone to say goodbye to ex-boyfriend Bobby Beale.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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In a heart-wrenching scene, Bobby tried to warn Dana about what she's getting into with Aaron, but she once again refused to listen and walked out on him.

Meanwhile, Harvey was trying to bribe Aaron into running away from the hate group but his son viciously threw it back in his father's face by claiming his dad spent years letting his children down.

"You can't protect me, not then, not now," Aaron told his saddened father.

He also sent chills down his father's spine by admitting if Dana had not been in The Albert on New Year's Eve, he would have gone through with triggering the bomb.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Dana would finally notice Aaron seemed to be on a razor's edge so she demanded to know the truth about why he is running away from Walford.

"You're not leaving until you tell me what's really going on," she demanded.

That's when Bobby Beale made a surprise return, with a police strike force following seconds later with guns drawn on Aaron as Bobby and Dana jumped back in terror.

Though Dana and Aaron accused Bobby of calling in the police, Harvey entered behind the cops to reveal he'd been the one to turn his son in!

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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"People like me ain't the problem in this country, Aaron. People like you are," Harvey insisted.

The episode concluded with Harvey standing with police as Aaron was ordered to put his hands behind his head. What does this mean for the Monroe family?

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EastEnders has worked with Exit UK, a non-profit network of former far-right members offering help to those who want to leave far-right groups, on Aaron's storyline. If you're concerned about someone who's expressing extremist or hateful views then ACT Early has further information.

If you've been affected by racism and racist hate crime, then organisations including the Equality and Advisory Support Service (EASS), the Monitoring Group, Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) and Stop Hate UK are among those which can offer help and support.

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