Eastenders actress Rita Simons reveals she’s had ‘Cinderella facelift’

Eastenders actress Rita Simons has lifted the lid on her new cosmetic procedure (Getty Images)
Eastenders actress Rita Simons has lifted the lid on her new cosmetic procedure (Getty Images)

Eastenders star Rita Simons has unveiled the results of her ‘Cinderella facelift’ in new before-and-after photos.

The actress, who portrayed character Roxy Mitchell on the soap, shared that she opted for the cosmetic procedure, after developing “sagging jowls” which “highlighted” her childhood scar.

Simons, 45, spoke with New! magazine about her decision to undergo the ‘Cinderella Lift’ provided to her by the Harley Street Skin clinic, as she said it’s “helped my confidence so much”.

The TV star insisted that it wasn’t about “wanting to look beautiful the whole time”, addressing the possible negative response to her procedure.

Simons said: “I don’t like it when I feel like I’m starting to get old.

"I’m not trying to achieve something that isn’t me, I just wanted to turn back a little bit of time. And in photos I’m not thinking about having to hide my jowls anymore.”

The Harley Street Skin clinic website describes the Cinderella Lift as a non-surgical procedure performed over three stages, using Botox, biodegradable threads and dermal filler to lift and tighten targeted skin.

This version of a facelift is seen as a less invasive procedure with no recovery time required.

Speaking further about her facelift, Simons told OK magazine: “I’m going public with it because it’s helped my confidence so much.

“I wasn’t ready to age and my jowls highlighted my scar even more. But I’ve done this for myself, it was purely personal.”

She added: “I said, ‘Don’t make me look like a Kardashian or anything, I just want my jawline a bit more how it was back then.’”

Simons played Roxy on Eastenders opposite friend and fellow actress Samantha Womack, who portrayed her sister Ronnie Mitchell, from 2007 up until their characters were killed off in 2017.

Simons’ facelift reveal comes after a busy holiday period for the actress, as she played Crawley’s first female Captain Hook in the Peter Pan pantomime last month.

The star shared her joy at not having to bow out from acting gigs to recover from her recent procedure.

“It’s quick and there’s no downtime," Simons explained.

"I said, ‘Sod it, I’m doing it!’ In less than an hour it was done and I was sat with a mirror going, ‘My jawline is back.’ There was no pain, no scar, no swelling, no bandages, nothing. It’s amazing.”