EastEnders airs first scenes for new Mitchells in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow for the latest episode, which is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now but will not air on TV until Wednesday (June 26).

EastEnders has aired the first appearance of three new Mitchell characters in the show's latest episode.

In the previous episode, Will Mitchell had got into an altercation with his grandad Stevie, after he found out that he'd stolen Lola's charity money.

When Will refused to come clean about his crime, Stevie grabbed him. Will pushed him away and Stevie fell to the floor, hitting his head on the table.

In the latest episode, Will rushed out of the house – leaving the door wide open – and Phil spotted him when he knocked over some bins.

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Phil decided to investigate and carefully entered the house, where he was shocked to find Stevie lying unconscious.

Meanwhile, Billy and Honey accepted there was no evidence that Stevie had taken the money – but Billy then received a phone call about his dad's fall.

The Mitchells arrived at the hospital and Billy was confused about how this had happened. He felt suspicious that Phil had done something to Stevie.

Phil explained that he was just trying to help Stevie out. Meanwhile, Billy expressed his fears that should the worst happen, his final conversation with his dad ended on bad terms.

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When Billy left the room, Phil told Will that he had seen him running out of the house – and when the police arrived, Will was left terrified that Phil would tell them what he knew.

Luckily, Phil didn't tell the police anything, but he demanded Will tell him what happened. Will admitted he stole the money and explained his blackmail troubles.

In classic Phil Mitchell style, he decided to confront Kyle, the boy who has been blackmailing Will.

Phil threatened him with a baseball bat until he gave him the money and smashed up his phone.

Meanwhile, the Mitchells were told that Stevie was being treated for concussion, and when they went to see him, Mo asked Will if he had taken Lola's money.

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Phil covered for Will and presented the cash he took from Kyle – claiming that Stevie was holding it when he found him, and suggesting he was attempting to frame Will.

As the family left Stevie's room, the nurse made a phone call to his son Teddy Mitchell, with his records stating he was to be informed if something happened to Stevie.

With his two sons, Harry and Barney, in the car, Teddy said: "I know where he is, and he ain't going to get away from us that easy."

What will the new Mitchells do next?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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