EastEnders' Callum has bombshell affair discovery

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Denise Fox and Ravi Gulati have faced a new threat of their affair being exposed in EastEnders.

The pair nearly embarked on a night of passion last month, before Denise thought better of betraying husband Jack Branning and cut things off with Ravi.

Wednesday's episode (March 8) dealt with Callum facing a hostile environment as he began his new police assignment. On top of dealing with homophobic bullying, Callum was assigned by his boss Jack to snoop on Ravi.

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Jack has been trying to catch out Ravi for his shady dealings, even though he has no idea about Denise's involvement with this other man.

Callum spent time trolling through CCTV of everywhere Ravi had been in the Square over the last few weeks, leading him to make a damning discovery.

In one bit of CCTV footage, Denise could be seen discretely (or so she thought) entering the same hotel where Ravi had just been moments earlier. The copper would soon get more proof something is amiss with Denise.

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Ravi and Denise had crossed paths in the Square while Callum was stopping in for something to eat at the chip shop. Ravi taunted Denise over the other woman he'd been seeing, asking if it made her feel "jealous".

"Behave yourself," she told him. "I'm just glad I didn't make the worst mistake of my life by spending the night in that hotel room."

Callum witnessed the sexually-charged exchange and realised it must be no coincidence they were both at the same hotel.

Soap bosses plan to ratchet up the tension between Denise and Ravi in the weeks to come, as he tries to woo her daughter Chelsea as a means of getting revenge.

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Ravi has alarming plans for Denise too as he threatens to expose their affair unless she breaks into Jack's computer to get him damning evidence.

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