EastEnders: Claudette Hubbard To Leave As Actress Ellen Thomas Quits

Claudette Hubbard has been a bit of a marmite character since she joined EastEnders last year, with some fans of the show loving her malicious ways and cunning plans whereas others finding her villainous streak a little bit harder to swallow.

However, we are gutted to learn that the actress who plays Albert Square’s Mrs. Nasty, Ellen Thomas, has quit the BBC soap.

According to a BBC spokesperson, Claudette isn’t going to meet a grisly end and the role will be available for her to return to one day.

They told The Mirror: “As our regular viewers will know, Claudette has often been seen coming and going from the Square to visit her family and friends.

"This is the end of another stint for Claudette and we wish Ellen all the best for the future.”

Details of Claudette’s departure are remaining under wraps for now and it is not known whether or not she will be leaving with her friends Pam and Les Coker, who are also set to leave Walford following the murder of their grandson, Paul.

Despite only being in the show for a year, Claudette has had a huge amount of storylines and even played a role in the brutal death of fan favourite Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubbs.