EastEnders confirms critical health issues for Nugget in steroids drama

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has confirmed that Nugget Gulati will be left in a life-threatening condition after being rushed to hospital next week.

In recent months, Nugget has secretly been taking anabolic steroids, following the lead of Denzel Danes, who is supplying him with the dangerous drugs.

This week, Nugget will begin to experience concerning side effects of the steroids, such as dizziness, as he prepares to take part in the youth boxing tournament.

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In scenes that will air next week, as the teenagers are getting ready for the tournament, Tommy teases Nugget which leads him to fly off the handle.

The pair are pulled apart by Zack and Ravi, and Denzel tells Nugget to calm down, in case people suspect he is on steroids.

But Zack is already suspicious, and he decides to put up a ‘drugs test’ which makes Denzel panic – even though it is only a deterrent, and there is no actual testing.

Later, Nugget goes in search of Denzel, who fails to show up for the tournament. But on his way, Nugget falls ill, and he slumps down on the pavement before he can get to his house.

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After Nugget is discovered collapsed, the family head to the hospital, and Ravi and Priya are inconsolable.

Meanwhile, Denzel eventually heads to the tournament after some encouragement from Yolande, and he wins his match.

In the waiting room, Dr Miller tells Nugget’s family that his kidneys aren’t working properly and when asked, they are adamant that he hasn’t been taking drugs.

But Ravi decides to privately share with Dr Miller Zack’s previous suspicions about steroids.

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Ravi and Priya argue about their parenting failures, but they soon come together and end up leaning on each other for support.

But Priya is shocked when Dr Miller tells her that Zack’s theory was correct, and Nugget has in fact been taking steroids.

When Nugget regains consciousness, there is some devastating news for the family when the doctors say his kidneys are not responding and he therefore might need long-term dialysis.

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Ravi, Priya and the police want Nugget to tell them who supplied the drugs, but he refuses to name Denzel.

When Denzel finds out what has happened to Nugget, he panics. He hides from dad Howie at The Boxing Den, but Zack finds him. What will he say?

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