'EastEnders' confirms Doctor Legg will exit the show this month in tragic scenes

Dot (June Brown) and Doctor Legg (Leonard Fenton) in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)
Dot (June Brown) and Doctor Legg (Leonard Fenton) in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Doctor Harold Legg, one of the longest serving members of the EastEnders cast, will make his final appearance on the show later this month, it’s been confirmed.

According to the Radio Times, his last scenes will be broadcast on February 15, as he finally succumbs to terminal cancer.

The GP, who only returned to the show last year, after over a decade off screens, will pass away peacefully with his old friend Dot Branning at his bedside.

Played by 92-year-old actor Leonard Fenton, he’ll be persuaded to spend his final hours in Albert Square, rather than in hospital, with ‘touching scenes’ between him and Dot.

Fenton was among the long-running soap’s original cast, and a regular on screen between 1985, when the show was first broadcast, and 1997.

(Credit: BBC)
(Credit: BBC)

He has since returned for brief appearances, first in 2000 for the funeral of Ethel Skinner, and then funeral of Mark Fowler in 2004.

Dr Legg also appeared again in 2007, in a storyline which involved a baby boy abandoned on the steps of a church.

His latest storyline involved him returning to the fold when Dot fears she is dying, and goes to see her old friend to seek reassurance.

However, he informs her that in fact he is the one who is dying, of pancreatic cancer, and that he wants to be buried next to his wife Judith.

However, on visiting her grave, they find it has been desecrated with anti-semitic graffiti.

His final scenes will be followed by more former cast-members returning to the show.

Both Tom Watt, who played Lofty Holloway, and Mary Smith, played by Linda Davidson, will be back to pay respects to the doctor as he’s laid to rest.

They filmed their scenes in the show for more than 30 years earlier this month.

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