EastEnders' Dean Wicks blackmails Linda Carter in twisted cliffhanger

This story discusses topics including rape and sexual assault.

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Dean Wicks has blackmailed Linda Carter in a twisted EastEnders cliffhanger.

Earlier this week, Dean fell down the stairs at the Vic following a heated row with George Knight — after Dean had threatened to sue Linda for slander over accusing him of rape.

Viewers know that Dean did rape Linda several years ago, but he was technically acquitted in court over a separate offence.

In Tuesday's (November 21) episode, Dean did regain consciousness and immediately accused George of trying to kill him.

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Cindy Beale immediately rushed to George's defence by calling an ambulance and insisting she didn't actually see George push Dean down the stairs. Ian was furious to see his partner defending her ex-husband.

Ian immediately put pressure on Cindy to tell the police the truth about George pushing Dean, and after some argument between them, she agreed.

Next, it was Linda Carter who was put in a difficult position as she found out that George was on a suspended sentence and would go to prison if convicted.

Linda decided to make a tremendous sacrifice by telling Dean she'd stop mentioning his abuse and let him live in Walford in peace if he were to drop the charges against George.

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This wasn't good enough for Dean, as he revealed the only way he'd drop the charges is if Linda tells her friends and family that he didn't actually rape her.

Is Linda willing to falsely clear Dean's name?

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