EastEnders' Denise Fox to struggle with her feelings after Ravi affair decision

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Denise Fox will struggle with her feelings in the aftermath of her affair with Ravi.

Last week, Denise decided to end her affair with Ravi after nearly being caught out by her husband Jack Branning when she was sneaking out for her fling.

Jack remains deeply suspicious of Ravi, going so far as to enlist his police colleague Callum Highway in spying on Ravi in the Square.

In EastEnders scenes set to air next week, Denise catches wind that Jack has started investigating Ravi and begs her husband to call it all off.

Denise later turns up at the Vic, where she sees Ravi walking into the pub arm-in-arm with another woman. She struggles when she discovers Ravi plans to take this woman to the same hotel where they were last week.

Will Denise's jealousy push her back into Ravi's arms?

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In February, cast member Diane Parish explained why Denise is so drawn to Ravi when her heart "100%" belongs to Jack.

"The Ravi thing is about igniting sexual desires, tension, validation, and Denise not wanting to be middle-aged and forgotten and invisible," she said.

"She wants to get old with her husband, but she still wants to be seen. I think that's true for a lot of women. When you're in a relationship at this age, you want to be seen — you're not dead! It's a bit of a crisis point for her."


Viewers know that Denise is also involved in the flash-forward whodunit story to play out over the rest of the year, so it should be an eventful 2023 for the character.

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