EastEnders fans 'certain' Mick Carter is returning after spotting a telling clue

Danny Dyer as Mick Carter on EastEnders in a hospital bed
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders fans are convinced Mick Carter is returning to Walford despite being presumed dead. The Queen Vic landlord disappeared on Christmas Day 2022 after jumping in the sea to save Linda Carter and Janine Butcher.

After both women resurfaced on the beaches shore Mick was sadly nowhere to be seen with the police concluding he died at sea despite not finding his body. Since Mick's disappearance Linda has hit the bottle as a way of coping without her soul mate, the teenage sweethearts had confessed their love for one another only hours before Mick's tragedy.

As Father's Day edges closer Linda is feeling the pain of Mick's absence as their young son Ollie misses his dad. During Monday's trip to the Square (June 10), Linda told son Johnny and her mum Elaine Peacock that she had seen Mick in her dreams before waking up and realising he is still gone.

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A promo photo for the Christmas episode showing Mick Carter and his family
During the EastEnders Christmas episode in 2022, the show aired Mick's final moments -Credit:BBC

Linda was also dealt another blow as Bernie Taylor confirmed Keanu Taylor's funeral was taking place later in the week and requested The Vic held his wake. As viewers will know Linda is the one who murdered Keanu on Christmas Day with his funeral news sending her into a downward spiral.

She made her way to the barrel store and drank herself into oblivion. As Linda shared her dream about Mick, some fans of the BBC soap rushed to X (Twitter) and predicted Danny Dyer is set to return as Mick in the near future.

One viewer wrote: "I strongly believe that Linda will try and unalive herself but Mick will come back in time to save her #EastEnders."

A second stated: "Mick will return for the 40th next year - mark my words. #EastEnders". While a third chimed in with: "Mick walks in soon I'm sure #EastEnders."

"Linda is having dreams of Mick. I'm convinced one day he will return," added one viewer. "I can see thick Mick coming back some day with a ridiculous story #EastEnders", said another.

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