'EastEnders' fans point out chilling clues that hinted Dennis Mitchell would die

Bleu Landau as Dennis Mitchell in a still from EastEnders. (BBC/iPlayer)
Bleu Landau as Dennis Mitchell in a still from EastEnders. (BBC/iPlayer)

Die-hard EastEnders fans have pointed out a series of chilling clues which, they believe, pointed out Dennis Mitchell would die in last week’s boat tragedy.

Dennis – played by teen actor Bleu Landau – met his watery grave after being locked in a room below deck on the party boat which sank on the Thames.

He was locked in by an angry Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) who was furious with the teen for getting his son Bobby beaten up.

But when Ian realised the boat was going down, he tried to rescue the youngster, whose mum is Sharon Mitchell.

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Even though he managed to drag Dennis from the submerging room, the waters soon caught up with them and Dennis was pronounced dead at the scene.

And fans now believe the tragic character’s death was sign pointed all along by non-other than Stuart Highway, (Ricky Champ) who was dressed as Captain Hook for the shenanigans.

Actor Ricky Champ as Stuart Highway in EastEnders (BBC/iPlayer)
Actor Ricky Champ as Stuart Highway in EastEnders (BBC/iPlayer)

Stuart made an in-character to reference to a ‘boy in green’ who would ‘never grow up’ which was clearly a reference to the story of Peter Pan.

But eagle-eyed fans didn’t miss the fact that Dennis was dressed in green and tragically would now never grow up.

Fans took to Twitter to point out the chilling premonition, with one viewer tweeting: "After Stuart’s Peter Pan reference of a boy never growing up, and Denny being in a green coat, I thought it’d be him that died. Really sad and tragic death!"

There were other hints that the teen tearaway would be the character who died which fans didn’t miss.

One clue came months ago when Sharon (Letitia Dean) swore on her son’s life that nothing was going on between her and lover Keanu Taylor. This was obviously a big fat lie seeing as Shazza gave birth to Keanu’s baby last week.

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It was Dennis himself gave the biggest clue that he was not long for this world though, when he left Sharon a voicemail, telling her that he was trapped and the waters were rising. He said: "Ian's locked me in a room on the boat. I need help, I can't get out."

A fan tweeted: "He left sharon a voice mail, wanna bet she’ll listen to it once he’s dead and blame ian for his death."

Fans are now wondering if Sharon will listen to the voicemail and blame Ian - or if there will be a huge cover up as a desperate Ian tries to hide the truth from his best friend.

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One