EastEnders Fans Have A Convincing Theory About Mysterious New Character Nadine

Jay Brown and Nadine in EastEnders
Jay Brown and Nadine in EastEnders

Jay Brown and Nadine in EastEnders

EastEnders fans are convinced that there may be more to mysterious new character Nadine than meets the eye.

Over the last few weeks, Jay Brown has been meeting with the Walford newcomer after initially mistaking her for his late wife Lola Pearce, given the uncanny resemblance they bear.

While nothing romantic between them has unfolded, some viewers think there is a good reason for that.

One popular theory suggests that Nadine (played by Jazzy Phoenix) is actually a figment of grieving Jay’s imagination – and to be fair, it is pretty convincing.

At the moment, Nadine has not yet been seen interacting directly with any other characters besides Jay, and has also popped up at very random moments.

Jay has been struggling to cope since Lola’s death from a brain tumour over the summer, after actor Danielle Harold was written out of the BBC soap.

Danielle has since won huge plaudits for her portrayal of Lola’s cancer storyline, winning Best Leading Performance at the British Soap Awards, and Best Serial Drama Performance at this month’s National Television Awards.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.