EastEnders fans' 'minds blown' over real-life age gap between Priya and daughter Avani

Avani and Priya
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

EastEnders viewers have been left stunned after discovering the real-life age difference between Priya Nandra-Hart and her on-screen daughter. Sophie Khan Levy, who plays Priya, arrived in Walford last year with her daughter Avani Nandra-Hart (Aaliyah James), as the ex-girlfriend and child of Ravi (Aaron Thiara).

At that time, Ravi was oblivious to the fact he had a secret daughter - leaving him and the rest of the Panesar family in shock. It didn't take long for Priya and Avani to stir up a fair bit of drama.

From the Panesar family's issues to Priya's own romantic woes, their stint in the square has been anything but calm. Things took a dramatic turn this week when Priya's son Nugget (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) collapsed in the street due to his steroid use. The young lad was quickly rushed to hospital, leaving Priya and his sister Avani distraught.

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However, fans' attention has shifted from the storyline to the actors' real ages. In a Reddit thread, one EastEnders fan pointed out that Aaliyah James, who plays Avani, is actually 24 years old, not 14 like her character, reports the Daily Star.

Sophie Khan Levy, who portrays Priya, will be turning 35 this year. One viewer pondered: "Isn't the actress that plays Avani in her 20s." Another fan expressed their surprise: "Yeah she's 24, playing a 14-year-old. Bloody mental! Especially seeing as Sophie Khan Levy (Priya) is only 11 years older than Aliyah (Avani), and Aaron Thiara (Ravi) is only 7 years older than her," followed by two exploding head emojis.

A third commented: "Bloody hell there really is only 11 years between Sophie and Aliyah. I learn something new every day! " while another pondered: "Nugget's mum looks 20 and his sister looks 25...who does the casting here guys?"

Before gracing Albert Square, actress Sophie already had her fair share of screen time. The talent has a resume boasting parts in well-known shows prior to her EastEnders gig. Sophie scored a part in the third series of All Creatures Great and Small as Florence Pandhi and featured in the BAFTA-winning BBC drama, The Sixth Commandment, portraying Gabrielle Ade.