EastEnders fans spot flashforward teaser in Sharon storyline

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans have spotted a teaser relating to Sharon's flashforward storyline.

Last night (February 20), EastEnders aired its first-ever flashforward scene, making history for its 38th-anniversary episode.

During the episode, Stacey, Denise, Suki, Sharon, Linda and Kathy gathered for a pub lock-in before time skipped forward to Christmas Day 2023.

In the shocking flashforward sequence, our favourite ladies were seen standing over the dead body of an undisclosed Walford resident.

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While we couldn't see who the deceased person was, we were treated to a look at their shoes and a bit of their arm. These teases have already sparked fan theories about who the murder victim could be based on the cufflinks they were wearing. (Currently, many fans think the victim is Phil Mitchell.)

Following tonight's (February 21) episode, EastEnders fans have even more theories after spotting an Easter egg in the flashforward — in the form of a wedding dress.

During the episode, Eve found Stacey at the Vic. She'd spent the night there after the booze-filled lock-in.

Eve told Stacey that two mysteriously large boxes had arrived at the house, and when the pair went home to open them, they found huge amounts of "bent bridal gear" that Stacey's nan had sent her.

Now, fans are convinced that Eve was holding a dress that looks just like the one Sharon was wearing in the Christmas flashforward.

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Fans took to Twitter to air their theories — with some questioning if it was, in fact, the same dress. Others pointed out that the wedding dress could be a red herring.

Below are some of their theories. What do you think?

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