EastEnders finally acknowledges Abi's condition

Joe Anderton
Photo credit: Dan Goldsmith / BBC

From Digital Spy

EastEnders aired another drama-filled, hour-long special tonight (January 2) involving the aftermath of the heist shooting, a gangsta standoff, the mysterious Aidan showing his true colours, and the arrival of his ex-wife in the form of actress Denise McCormack.

In amongst all that, we finally got some more development on the Branning family. Fans have been frustrated at how no-one in Albert Square has acknowledged the events of Christmas Day, but tonight we learned why.

Max has been keeping the news about Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) hidden from pretty much everyone, including Lauren. Beyond that, he's trying to make it so that Abi's machine can't legally be turned off.

Fans were both heartbroken by the revelation and furious that Max won't let her pass away (Warning: There's some strong language below):