EastEnders' Jake Wood 'Honoured' To Be The UK's Top 'Weird Crush'

Jake Wood has a certain je ne sais quoi that has made women weak at the knees ever since he joined EastEnders a whopping ten years ago, with the actor winning over more people than ever when he debuted his sexy dance moves on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014.

Now, Jake has been named the UK’s biggest “weird crush” for the second year running - and he couldn’t be happier about it.

Pipping celebs such as Ed Sheeran and Greg Davies to the post, the 43-year-old admitted that he was “honoured” to top Heat magazine’s annual poll, and he is especially chuffed to be the “hottest ginger” in town.

Speaking to the mag about his achievement, Jake gushed: “I must be the weirdest crush in the history of weird crushes. I’m quite honoured. Last year I was delighted, and this year I’m even more bowled over. Lost for words.

"I must be slightly weirder then Ed [Sheeran] and that’s a great honour to me. I’m obviously the hottest weirdest ginger.”

Too bloomin’ right you are, Jake.

Last year the star admitted that this was one award that he wanted to win above any other, sharing at the time: “I’m absolutely honoured. It’s the award I wanted to win more than any other. I’m so happy I won.

"Thank you to the people that voted for me. I’m doing it for the weird crushes all over the world. Ginger, tall, freaky looking guys with a sexy glint in their eyes, that’s me.”

Fingers crossed for next year, eh?