'EastEnders' star Natalie Cassidy sick of being 'leaned over' in shops

Natalie Cassidy at the British Soap Awards in 2018 (Doug Peters EMPICS Entertainment)
Natalie Cassidy at the British Soap Awards in 2018 (Doug Peters EMPICS Entertainment)

EastEnders star Natalie Cassidy has asked shoppers to give her some space as she is fed up of being “leaned over”.

The actor – best known for playing Sonia in Albert Square – said people should be giving each other space when out shopping amid the coronavirus pandemic and that it’s driving her “mad” that not everybody is complying.

“Be kind when you’re out shopping and stop rushing because it’s driving me mad being walked into or leaned over every bloody time I go out,” she wrote on Instagram.

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“I’m really not going to take the 87 plums on the shelf, just wait patiently 2 metres away from me. And others.


Cassidy, who has two daughters, also said she was thinking of those struggling amid the pandemic and encouraged everyone to “keep going”.

“The data we receive each day from the news is so upsetting,” said the 37-year-old.

“I just wanted to say I’m thinking of everyone who has lost someone and thinking of the people who’s loved ones are in hospital.

“I’m thinking of people on their own and the Drs and nurses who are dealing with it each day. It’s very easy to sit and moan about not seeing family or not being able to go to a pub for lunch, not being able to go to your gym or have your nails done.

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“But it’s really not that bad.

“Keep going, remember how lucky we are.”

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Cassidy has been playing Sonia in EastEnders since 1993. Her other TV credits include Psychoville and Strictly Come Dancing.