EastEnders' Nish Panesar makes chilling threat to Suki

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Nish Panesar has made a chilling threat to wife Suki in EastEnders.

While the couple had a marriage blessing ceremony last week, Suki secretly returned to former lover Eve to reveal she truly wanted them to be together.

Suki and Eve have to keep their affair a secret because Nish previously went to prison for killing a man he wrongly assumed was seeing Suki behind his back.

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In Tuesday's episode, Suki was determined to get Nish away from the Square by convincing him he needed to spend more time tending to their business in Leeds.

Suki spun a story about how one of their associates in Leeds had got involved in gambling that threatened to impact their profits.

"Maybe you're right," Nish admitted.

The Panesars were soon at odds again when daughter Ash received a job offer that would require her to move to Canada.

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While Nish was opposed to Ash moving away, Suki realised her daughter needed to spread her wings. As always, Suki used underhanded means by suggesting to Ash she might not be qualified for the job.

This only drove her daughter to accept the job, which is what Suki wanted to begin with. Suki then went to Nish with lies about how she'd tried to convince Ash to stay without any luck.

Nish later discovered his wife's manipulations when they went off to the Vic, leading him to viciously turn on her once they got back to No. 41.

"We both know I'm capable of [terrible things]," he warned.

Suki tried to deny she'd done anything wrong, only for Nish to warn her that he's the only one who sits "at the head" of the family.

eastenders, nish, suki

"I say what goes for us. Don't you ever forget that," he said with a sneer.

Is Suki in serious danger?

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