EastEnders’ Nugget to fall unwell before boxing match in steroids story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has confirmed the latest development in the show’s steroids story, as Nugget Gulati falls unwell before a boxing match.

Over the last few months, Denzel Danes has been secretly taking anabolic steroids in a bid to gain muscle mass, after receiving mean comments online.

Viewers have noticed the impact of the drugs on Denzel, with the character having angry outbursts, including on the recent Father’s Day fishing trip.

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Last month, Nugget began struggling with his own body image, as well as his relationships with his friends.

His low mood prompted him to turn to Denzel for help and he asked him to give him some steroids, thinking that this would solve his problems.

Now Denzel and Nugget’s dangerous story is set to escalate further, in scenes that will air next week.

nugget, zack hudson, eastenders

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To give him a purpose after Whitney recently left Walford, Sharon convinces Zack to get involved with the upcoming youth boxing tournament.

Zack agrees to this new opportunity and encourages the likes of Nugget and Avani to sign up.

As the boxing tournament approaches, Nugget is nervous, and he asks Denzel if they need to up their dose of pills in preparation.

Denzel scoffs at this suggestion, but the steroids are beginning to affect Nugget’s health as he struggles with dizziness.

nugget, zack hudson, eastenders

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Later, a concerned Ravi has a heart-to-heart with his son. He tries to get Nugget to open up and advises him not to take shortcuts while he is training.

At the weigh-in for the boxing tournament, Nugget is unwell and when Zack tells him that he can’t weigh in today, an angry Nugget loses his temper at Denzel.

Having picked up on Nugget’s troubling behaviour, Zack finds Ravi and warns him that he suspects the boys of using steroids, but Ravi won’t hear of it.

Zack later talks to Nugget and reiterates Ravi's warning that he shouldn’t resort to shortcuts while training. Will Nugget listen to this advice, amid his dangerous use of steroids?

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