EastEnders quiz: 10 tricky questions to find out which Walford family you belong in

-Credit: (Image: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes/BBC)
-Credit: (Image: Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes/BBC)

EastEnders has welcomed many legendary characters, both past and present, over the years. No one can forget the likes of Peggy Mitchell and her troublesome sons, not to mention Ian Beale and his wily ways as Walford's top businessman.

There's never a quiet moment when the Slaters are around. From Stacey's gobby ways to Kat's obsession with the local lads, there is always a scandal going on. But are they as bad as those Brannings?

Once upon a time, the Brannings and Slaters were united as one big happy family. Until Stacey cheated on her husband Bradley with his dad Max and their whole world came crashing down in a brilliant Christmas episode. Kat also fancied herself as a Branning when she hopped into bed with Derek, another romance that didn't last long.

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But have you ever thought about which family you would be a member of if you lived on Albert Square? Take our quiz below and find out. The questions are set out in multiple choice form based off of four famous Walford families - the Mitchells, Slaters, Beales and the Brannings.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments below! Quiz not loading? No problem, click the link here.

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