EastEnders and Samaritans work together on suicide storyline

Tom Horton, PA
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EastEnders has revealed it has worked with the Samaritans on a storyline involving suicide.

Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, will contemplate killing himself over sexual abuse that happened to him as a child.

The character’s mental health has been affected by the return of his abuser Katy Lewis to Walford.

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Mick will make the decision in the BBC One soap’s New Year’s Eve episode.

EastEnders staff have been “working closely” with the emotional support charity Samaritans on the storyline, according to a statement.

Jon Sen, EastEnders’ executive producer, said: “This storyline is such a vital one for EastEnders to portray.

“We’ve worked closely with the NSPCC and Survivors UK since the inception of this story and as viewers have watched Mick struggle to come to terms with the truth of what happened to him as a child, we were determined to show the brutal reality and effects that abuse can cause.

“Working with the Samaritans has been invaluable to ensure that Mick’s story is true to life and they’ve been a huge support, offering guidance throughout the process.

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“Danny gives an incredible performance and we hope his portrayal of Mick’s trauma will help dispel the stigma that survivors are often burdened with.”

Lorna Fraser, Samaritans’ media advice lead, said: “We have been pleased to work with EastEnders giving expert advice on Mick Carter’s story, as it’s a chance to explore some of the issues surrounding suicide in a sensitive and considered way.

“Responsible storylines can help start important conversations and encourage people to reach out for help.”