EastEnders' Sharon Watts calls in police amid Albie kidnap plot

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has revealed the truth behind Keanu Taylor's attempt to kidnap Albie.

Keanu and his mum Karen have been secretly plotting to smuggle Albie out of Walford to prevent Sharon Watts from taking the boy abroad for a new job.

In Wednesday's (November 1) episode, Keanu and Karen were putting the finishing touches on their plan but first had to make an appearance at a birthday party with Albie.

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Sharon was alarmed when she found out Keanu had made an excuse to leave the party early, then made the horrifying discovery that her son's passport had been stolen.

She immediately joined with brother Zack to search for Albie before it was too late, leading to a confrontation with Keanu's mum Karen Taylor.

While Karen denied knowing anything about Albie's whereabouts, she couldn't help taunting Sharon about no longer having control of the situation.

Sharon called the police to try to find Keanu and Albie, before Karen secretly met up with her son as he was planning to flee.

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"She knows that you've taken his passport. She's rung the police," Karen revealed. "You need to get to that airport proper quick."

Keanu faltered, admitting to Karen that he couldn't take Albie away from his mother. He begged Karen to stay with Albie while he secretly returned the passport and pretended he'd taken Albie to the farm.

However, Keanu's plan crumbled when Zack and Sharon confronted him with police in the Square to demand his arrest for kidnapping.

Keanu tried to come up with a story to explain himself, insisting he'd left Albie for a few seconds to get him an ice cream and now the child is gone.

Will Keanu come clean over his kidnapping plot?

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Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron - BBC

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