EastEnders shock as Phil realises who Luke is

Alice Mosey
Photo credit: iPlayer / BBC

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EastEnders' heated reunion of Phil Mitchell and James Willmott-Brown finally went down tonight (November 10), but it didn't end quite the way viewers had anticipated.

Turns out Kathy's rapist and Phil's enemy won't be departing Watford in the boot of Phil's Audi. In fact, he isn't going anywhere.

Sat in a reception room surrounded by an array of family photos, vintage vases and antique furniture, anger-fuelled Phil was ghastly staring at villain Willmott-Brown and threatening to 'smash his face through his desk'.

Phil had his cricket bat on the back seat in his car too. At this point, it looked like smug Willmott-Brown wasn't going to be smirking in his pin-stripped suit for much longer. Especially when he referred to the fact they 'both loved Kathy once'.

Photo credit: BBC

Of course, that remark didn't go down sweetly. You could see Phil psyching himself up to deal with the rapist. But, just when you thought things were about to get messy, Willmott-Brown managed to shake Phil's threats off as he informed him that he was dying anyway.

Surprisingly, this somehow managed to persuade Phil to give Willmott-Brown some sort of life line (for a short while anyway) as Phil stood up to exit the villain's house. "If you ever come near Kathy again, I will kill you with my bare hands," Phil said.

But just as Phil was charging his way to the exit of Willmott-Brown's mansion, he froze. Phil's gaze became fixated on a photo frame. The image showed Willmott-Brown with his arm around Ben's boyfriend Luke, revealing that they're related.

Photo credit: iPlayer / BBC

Viewers were left wondering what Phil is going to do about his shock discovery.