EastEnders' Sonia Fowler finally learns Reiss' secret

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

Sonia Fowler will finally learn of Reiss Colwell's secret in EastEnders this week.

Arriving in Walford last year, Dot Cotton's grand-nephew Reiss soon became romantically involved with Sonia after he helped her get rid of her lodger Jed.

Fans' suspicions that the new character seemed too good to be true were confirmed back in March when the soap finally revealed that Reiss had a secret wife.

In upcoming scenes, Sonia questions her relationship with Reiss after she realises he has no idea when her birthday is.

When Reiss reveals his plans to host a big party, Sonia gets her hopes up, only to realise that she has her wires crossed and Reiss is planning a party to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III.

sonia and reiss in eastenders, embargo 2200 sunday 30 april
Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron - BBC

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After Rocky intervenes, Reiss attempts to rectify the situation by going overboard with Sonia's birthday celebrations.

However, things look set to get even worse for Sonia. In episodes that will air next week, Rocky will tell Sonia that he has some reservations about her partner.

Determined to find out the truth about Reiss after learning of Rocky's suspicions, Sonia is left stunned when she learns the truth.

Following the devastating discovery, a furious and heartbroken Sonia throws Reiss and all of his belongings out of the house.

sonia and reiss in eastenders, embargo 2200 sunday 30 april
Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron - BBC

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Previously speaking of his character's introduction to the soap, actor Jonny Freeman opened up about the fan theories surrounding Reiss.

"I think some people are still quite suspicious of Reiss and were quite suspicious of him with regards to the Jed storyline but equally, I guess it's a different type of relationship," said Jonny.

"It's a lot softer, which is the personality of Sonia and Reiss, so I think they're quite a good match."

It looks like they aren't such a good match after all.

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