EastEnders Spoiler: Will Sonia Cheat On Tina - With Martin?

Martin Fowler may have only JUST got married to Stacey but, as we know, there aren’t generally too many happy endings in Walford.


And it looks like things might already be about to hit the skids for the newlywed as these pictures show his ex-wife Sonia Jackson moving in for a snog.

Sonia has been having a troubled time in her love life since discovering girlfriend, Tina, cheated on her with Kyle’s friend, Soph.

Martin and Sonia have remained friends for the sake of their teenage daughter, Rebecca, with Sonia even helping Martin when his new love, Stacey, was sectioned with post-partum psychosis.

But it looks as if the lines are becoming a bit blurred for Son, as she leans in for a kiss with her ex.


The former couple have been talking over a few beers and Sonia confesses to Martin that she no longer loves Tina.

Judging by the look on Martin’s face, he’s not feeling the same way as his ex-wife. But will he let her down gently or get carried away in the moment?

Sonia and Martin have a whole lotta history after all - what with the teen pregnancy, Martin accidentally killing Jamie Mitchell and Sonia being arrested for killing Martin’s mum.

Whatever happens, Sonia had better hope that Stacey doesn’t get wind of her seduction attempts. She’s a convicted killer, after all!