EastEnders spoilers: Denise Fox discovers the KILLER TRUTH about Ravi?

 Ravi Gulati finds Denise Fox with his laptop
Ravi Gulati finds Denise Fox with his laptop

Denise Fox may find out more than she bargained for when she snoops on Ravi Gulati in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Denise Fox is fuming over her daughter Chelsea Fox's decision to let boyfriend Ravi Gulati move in with her!

She's just about kept her lip buttoned over their relationship, despite knowinghow manipulative and dangerous Ravi is but this is one step too far.

After Denise's near affair with charming ex-con Ravi, Denise knows how easy it is to get drawn in by him.

She saw the real man behind the mask when she put a stop to their flirtation and he blackmailed her before making a beeline for Chelsea.

It soon became clear the REAL reason he was getting up close and personal with the Fox ladies was to find out if Denise's copper hubby Jack Branning was investigating him for his criminal goings on!

Chelsea dumped him when she found out the truth but he had fallen for her hard and he talked her into getting back with him.

Denise Fox has drinks with Chelsea Fox and Ravi Gulati
Denise Fox has drinks with Chelsea Fox and Ravi Gulati

After Denise makes it abundantly clear to Chelsea that letting Ravi move in is a really bad idea, Chelsea realises that she needs to try and talk her mum into some kind of truce with Ravi and his family.

When Chelsea arranges a drinks party for the two families, Denise reluctantly agrees to go. Jack points out that she needs to be there for Chelsea, as well as keeping a watch on Ravi.

Things look set to kick off, however, when Denise overhears Gina and Anna Knight rowing about Ravi dealing drugs to Gina and she tells Jack she's going to report Ravi to the police.

Jack warns her to hold fire and they go to the party at Chelsea's. It's not long before a massive argument breaks out and Chelsea starts throwing accusations at her mum.

Denise storms out of the house in a huff but she's hiding a secret...

She's taken Ravi's laptop. Will she find anything incriminating that will get rid of Ravi for good?

Phil Mitchell is hiding something
Phil Mitchell is hiding something

Phil Mitchell sneaks back into the house in the morning, after staying out all night following their row.

After his failed attempt to win round fiancee Kat Slater with chocolates, who was fuming at him for keeping secrets, he ended up at the club to think things through.

Kat agrees to hear Phil out and he promises her that he'll be straight with her from now on. But is he keeping even more from her?

When a newly returned Emma Harding passes by and gives Phil a coy look, he's left rattled...

Meanwhile, Kat finds out that there's been a cancellation at the register office and making a decision, she books a slot.

The wedding is next week!

Keanu Taylor learns disturbing news
Keanu Taylor learns disturbing news

Also, Keanu Taylor gets bad news about daughter Peggy Mitchell when he's sent an injunction from Peggy's gran Lisa Fowler. Meanwhile, Ben Mitchell is fuming when Emma Harding promises granddaughter Lexi Pearce that she'll never leave her again, knowing that Emma is NOT good at keeping promises!

 EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.