EastEnders spoilers: Dodgy deals and new arrivals - the week ahead in Walford

It’s all coming to a head in Albert Square this week following a dramatic few days for the Carters, and with Friday night’s episode ending with Max Branning giving Shirley Carter a shocking business proposition, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

As well as Max’s dodgy dealings, we also have the much-anticipated arrival of Lisa Faulkner’s new EastEnders’ character, Fi Browning, to look forward to, with Fi finally rocking up in Walford with some serious business to attend to.

Lisa Faulkner makes her debut as Fi Browning.

Here is what is coming up in the E20 this week:

Shirley is still at a loss with what to do over the Queen Vic and Lady Di and is considering all of her options after Max suggested that he bought the Queen Vic from her. Surprisingly, Shirl opts to turn to newcomer Woody before making some tough decisions but the rest of the family are left reeling when she brings them up to speed.

Meanwhile, Woody is determined to prove his worth by organising Ladies Night at the Queen Vic. The hunky bar manager impresses the Carters with the successful night, and one of the strippers ends up catching Johnny Carter’s eye – could there be a new love story on the horizon?

The Carters have a crisis talk.

Elsewhere, Steven Beale continues with his manipulative plan to make Lauren Branning his baby-spawning housewife, getting frustrated when she reveals that she has quit her internship in a bid to find a full-time job. Needless to say, he quickly plans a romantic evening with his pierced condoms in a bid to impregnate Lauren as quickly as possible, but their night is quickly interrupted.

As if creepy Steven wasn’t enough to contend with, Lauren’s dad, Max, also attempts to sabotage her chances of landing a job at the same company as him, but will Lauren find out his cunning plan?

Steven continues with his manipulative games.

Speaking of the Brannings, Donna suggests that Abi Branning moves in with her and Ben and Jay Mitchell, leaving the boys seriously unimpressed. However, Abi reveals that she’d feel too guilty leaving her Grandma Dot at home alone, although Donna has a plan up her sleeve…

Across the square, Carmel Kazemi attempts to embrace Denise Fox’s relationship with her son, Kush, and the trio go out together, however, it’s immediately awkward and Carmel turns to drink to get herself through the night.


And it isn’t just Carmel struggling with change, as Honey Mitchell is also left frustrated when Derek starts working at the Minute Mart and begins to irritate her both during and away from work – with things taking a turn for the worst when Keegan attempts to steal from the shop.

Finally, Fi Browning finally arrives in Albert Square and immediately gets on the wrong side of one family.

Needless to say, this week is definitely not one to miss.

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