EastEnders Spoilers: Fist fights, police drama and illicit affairs - the week ahead in Walford

As usual, there is trouble ahead in Albert Square, with this week’s episodes of the BBC One soap seeing several Walford residents on the wrong side of the law.

As well as Mick Carter’s ever-mounting debts, including that police fine, Bex Fowler finds herself in trouble over the nude photo of Shakil Kazemi that spread around their high school.

Shakil finally snaps with Keegan.

On top of that, Michelle Fowler’s illicit affair with 17-year-old Preston also looks set to be exposed… Here is what to expect in Walford this week:

Preston’s mother calls Michelle looking for her son, with Preston soon deciding that it is time for him to leave the square, however, when they decide to have one last rumble the unlikely lovers risk being caught.

Preston and Michelle’s affair is at risk of being exposed.

Martin Fowler has a meeting with Bex’s headteacher about the cyberbullying that she has become a victim of, with the school deciding to involve the police in the very serious matter. Martin soon learns about the intimate photos of Shakil that were sent from Bex’s phone and shuns his daughter when she refuses to admit that it was Louise Mitchell who sent the pictures to other girls in the school

Shirley Carter asks Ben and Kathy to help Mick, but Mick refuses to accepts Ben’s money. The pub landlord ends up getting too drunk at mum Sylvie’s birthday party and when daughter-in-law Whitney tries to help, things get awkward – leading to Mick finally breaking down.

Martin learns the true extent of Bex’s school drama.

Steven Beale learns that his dad Ian’s test results have come back and urges him to make a doctor’s appointment – what have the tests shown?

Tina Carter is left stunned when mum Sylvie opens up about a heartbreaking memory from her past and is left reeling when Shirley doesn’t seem bothered about it, with Tina delivering some home truths during a vicious argument.

Tina learns a heartbreaking secret from mum Sylvie.

Shirley warns Whitney to stay away from Mick as she comes up with a drastic plan to solve their money woes, whilst Johnny Carter urges his dad to come clean about the Queen Vic’s debts to his wife, Linda – but will Mick listen?

And finally, things come to blows between Shakil and Keegan, with Shakil’s mum Carmel walking in on a brutal fist fight, sparking the Walford residents to call a community meeting about the spiralling behaviour of the young people in the area.

Ian finally gets his results from the doctor.

Never a quiet week in Walford, eh?

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