EastEnders Spoilers: Passion, blackmail and romance - the week ahead in Walford

There is passion ahead in Albert Square this week, with two Walford residents reacquainting as another couple appear to fall apart.

In fact, after her chance meeting with that hot photocopier last week, Lauren Branning is doubting her romance with Steven Beale even more than usual and confides in Whitney Dean about her heartache. However, Lauren isn’t being entirely honest and when Whitney discovers what Lauren is really up to she delivers some harsh home truths. Meanwhile, Lauren’s dad Max Branning decides that this is the perfect time for him to try and build bridges with Steven, with the pair bonding as Steven helps him out with Jack Branning’s kids.

Whitney delivers a fed-up Lauren with some home truths.

Meanwhile, Michelle Fowler is left at her wit’s end with Dennis Rickman blackmailing her over her affair with Preston – who returns to Walford after a few days away. However, the pair’s happy reconciliation is short-lived as Michelle and Preston argue, leaving the American teen to seek out Michelle’s niece, Bex Fowler. Later, Bex’s dad Martin Fowler finds Michelle crying in the allotments and offers her some advice – completely oblivious to what his sister’s real issues are. Later in the week, Preston persuades Michelle to leave Dennis home alone so that they can go on a night out, but will they live to regret their decision?

Dennis continues to blackmail Michelle.
Michelle is at her wits end as Preston returns.

Elsewhere, it’s Ben Mitchell’s 21st birthday and after a little encouragement from his mum, Kathy Beale, Ben decides to celebrate with a party. His ex-girlfriend, Abi Branning, thinks that she picks up on a spark between Ben and Johnny Carter and attempts to play matchmaker with the two men… But is that really what Ben wants?

Are there sparks flying between Ben and Johnny?

And it isn’t just Ben and Johny who have discovered that sparks are flying between them, with Denise Fox and Kush Kazemi growing closer after they share a couple of nights at the Queen Vic. Denise also has her meeting at the Minute Mart head office this week as well as the community meeting that she has organised with Kush’s mother, Carmel Kazemi.

Are Kush and Denise going to fall into bed together again?

Finally, Mick Carter is overjoyed when Tina Carter finally agrees to talk to social services about finding a home for Sylvie, and his luck seems to be changing when he and Whitney work together to organise a quiz night at the pub.

All in all, it looks like love might just be in the air in Walford this week.