EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts SICKENED over kidnap truth

 Sharon Watts learns the truth about Keanu Taylor.
Sharon Watts learns the truth about Keanu Taylor.

Sharon Watts is left heartbroken when she discovers Keanu Taylor's betrayal in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Sharon Watts is completely to the fact that her husband-to-be Keanu Taylor faked abducting her son Albie!

Keanu teamed up with mum Karen Taylor to stage the crime in a bid to keep Sharon from taking Albie abroad after accepting a new job in Abu Dhabi. He then wooed her to make sure she stayed put.

The kidnap plot saw her borrowing £50,000 from ex-hubby Phil Mitchell to pay the 'mysterious' abductor.

Although Keanu wanted Karen to give the money back to Sharon, she was insistent that they deserved to keep the cash.

Now that Phil suspects the truth, after finding out Karen has been using his marked bills, he's determined to prove it and he sets up about searching the Arches.

Tommy Moon finds the ransom money
Tommy Moon finds the ransom money

Phil's wife Kat Mitchell can't believe that Keanu would stoop so low, but suggests that if he and Karen are hiding the money, it will be a bit closer to home.

When Felix Baker won't let him into their house, he sends Kat's son Tommy Moon over to try his luck instead. Tommy makes short work of his search and soon finds the money hidden under Karen's bed.

Completely in the dark about the horrific revelation that's about to hit her, Sharon is excitedly finishing up the plans for her nuptials to Keanu.

She announces that she and Keanu will be having their wedding reception at the Queen Vic on Christmas Day.

Sharon is left in shock when Phil turns up and reveals that Karen and Keanu staged Albie's kidnap and stole the money.

Will Sharon take revenge on her husband-to-be?

Denise Fox is shocked to see Dean Wicks
Denise Fox is shocked to see Dean Wicks

Denise Fox is fuming with Jack Branning after getting back from her holiday to find out that he'd moved his ex Sam Mitchell into the house!

Sam had nowhere to go when she returned to the Square, after falling out with brother Phil Mitchell and Jack reluctantly  gave Sam a bed, so she could be close to their son Ricky Branning.

Desperate to get back in his wife's good books, Jack turns on the charm but they soon fall out again after Denise makes another shock revelation.

When she finds out that rapist Dean Wicks is back in the Square and Jack didn't bother to tell her, she lays into him!

After the blazing row, a miserable Jack visits Stacey Slater and offloads his woes. The pair have been getting closer and closer in recent weeks and he appreciates her support.

When he gets back home things haven't improved, however. Denise tells Jack that he has to choose - either kick out Sam or she'll leave!

Yolande Trueman and Patrick Trueman in the Square
Yolande Trueman and Patrick Trueman in the Square

Also, Yolande Trueman goes on a recruitment drive for her community choir!

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.