EastEnders spoilers: week of May 27-30

 Nish Panesar standing in Albert Square in EastEnders.
Nish Panesar standing in Albert Square in EastEnders.

It's another dramatic week on EastEnders as Nish Panesar makes an unwelcome return to Walford with a shocking secret and Ian Beale learns about Cindy Beale's cheating secret.

Let's take a look at what's coming up in Walford for the week of May 27...

Monday, May 27 - Nish drops a bombshell

Nish touches Avani's shoulder in the queue at McKlunky's.
Nish touches Avani's shoulder in the queue at McKlunky's.

Suki Panesar and Eve Unwin are unnerved when Nish Panesar returns to No.41 to tell them that the solicitor has sent both copies of their final order divorce paperwork to him.

The Panesars agree to change the locks so Nish can't gain access, but he manipulates teen Avani Nandra-Hart into letting him inside the house. Suki, Ravi Gulati, Eve and Vinny Panesar are hostile as Nish starts talking, but they're stopped in their tracks when Nish drops the bombshell that he's dying.

While Lauren Branning becomes a target for Cindy Beale's hateful comments, her ex Peter Beale tries to support her.

Elaine Peacock arranges a girls' night out with stepdaughters Anna and Gina Knight, reassuring them they always have a home in the Vic with her.

Her former fiancé George Knight feels hopeful when Elaine asks him over, but she just wants him to cover the bar while she's out.

Elsewhere, Freddie Slater tries to matchmake Kat Slater and Alfie Moon with a voucher for a couples’ spa day. However, his efforts of playing cupid are ruined when Kat invites Big Mo instead. Meanwhile, Jean Slater tries to encourage lonely Harvey Monroe to make some new friends.

Tuesday, May 28 - Nish is rushed to hospital

Ravi pushes Nish at McKlunky's.
Ravi pushes Nish at McKlunky's.

The Panesars accuse Nish of lying and kick him out, but he insists that he's telling the truth.

Nish tries to convince Priya Nandra-Hart that he's being truthful, but his son Ravi intervenes and orders him to stay away. Desperate to persuade them of his honesty, Nish talks to grandson Nugget Gulati at McKlunky's and begs him to hear him out. A furious Ravi spots them and pushes Nish, who falls and is rushed to hospital.

At Peggy's, Gina and Anna try to convince Elaine to give their dad another chance while George struggles to handle the packed boozer on his own.

The girls are annoyed when Cindy comes into the club for a drink, so she heads over to the pub instead. Cindy offers her help when she sees George struggling to run the pun single-handedly and they are soon back in their old Marbella ways. Elaine is incensed when she returns to see Cindy lording it up behind her bar.

Lauren is grateful for Peter's support and agrees to spend the evening with him.

Wednesday, May 29 - Ian learns a devastating secret

Elaine Peacock talks to Ian Beale at the Vic.
Elaine Peacock talks to Ian Beale at the Vic.

Elaine calls Ian Beale to the Vic and breaks the news that George and Cindy kissed.

In the Beale household, Cindy is unimpressed to see Lauren there and upsets Peter by being hostile and rude to her. He threatens to move out if she can't get along with the mother of his child.

It's Eve's birthday, but it's far from the party spirit as Nish takes over the conversation. Suki asks the Panesars to vote on whether to let him back into their lives.

Nish pleads his case and the family are disturbed by his deep despair. Despite being adamant in his decision to disown Nish in the moment, Ravi is conflicted and is torn even more when his children Nugget and Avani jump to Nish's defence. But there's another shock in store...

Harvey bumps into a woman called Maya by mistake and agrees to take her cab fare. The two get on like a house on fire as they are both passionate Tottenham Hotspur fans.

Thursday, May 30 - Romance for Harvey?

harvey Monroe talking to a stranger called Maya Houssain in Albert Square
harvey Monroe talking to a stranger called Maya Houssain in Albert Square

Martin Fowler agrees to meet up with Harvey for a pint, but he bails on him last minute to look after Zack. However, Harvey cheers up when Maya arrives with a surprise.

She gives Harvey a vintage football programme and they happily chat about the beautiful game. Harvey introduces Maya to Jean, who is polite but leaves them to their conversation and joins a suspicious Kat Slater.

Nish's decision sends shockwaves through the Panesar family. Meanwhile, Ravi struggles to hold his ground when Nugget says that he'd never let his dad die alone, no matter what bad things Ravi had done.

At the hospital, Nish has an appointment with his consultant.

Junior tries to make amends between Cindy and his half-sisters by getting them to meet him at Peggy's. But his efforts are in vain as Anna and Gina struggle to forgive their mum for ruining George and Elaine Peacock's relationship.

In the queue at McKlunky's, Anna is terrified when a thug snatches her bag.

Also, Lauren thanks Peter for supporting her during a difficult week.

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