EastEnders' Stacey faces setback in trying to catch Theo

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Wednesday's (September 6) episode of EastEnders saw Stacey Slater face a devastating setback in her ongoing stalking storyline.

Recent episodes saw teacher Theo Hawthorne finally reveal himself as Stacey's stalker after being rumbled by Martin and Eve. Then ensued a terrifying showdown between the pair while her daughter Lily went into labour.

Following the confrontation with Theo, Stacey was left on edge as she tried to care for Lily at the hospital.

"I've got one eye on the door in case that psycho walks in," Stacey told Eve and Martin.

stacey slater and theo hawthorne in eastenders

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At the station, Stacey spoke to the police about the ordeal, pleading for them to arrest Theo.

"I didn't lead him on, I didn't ask for any of this," she explained, adding that she was unable to take Lily and her new granddaughter Charli home while he was still a threat to the family.

Later on, Theo could be seen watching the Slater house as he was approached and taken away by the police.

However, the teacher was able to convince the authorities that he and Stacey were actually in a relationship and she was the one who had attacked him. Theo even went as far as to claim Stacey was unstable.

theo hawthorne, eastenders

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Back at the hospital, Stacey was visited by the police, who delivered the devastating news that there wasn't enough evidence to arrest Theo.

"You're not telling me there's nothing you can do," a horrified Stacey replied in the episode's duff-duff moment.

Will Theo continue to terrorise Stacey and her family or will the Slaters get justice?

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