EastEnders star teases major twists in Suki story

EastEnders spoilers ahead.

EastEnders actress Balvinder Sopal has promised plenty more "twists and turns" throughout Suki Panesar's storyline.

In future scenes, Suki's heart will skip a beat when someone overhears an incriminating conversation with her on-off lover Eve Unwin right before her and Nish's marriage blessing ceremony. During an argument, Eve and Suki hear the front door slam, but do not know who it was or how much they heard.

Teasing the drama to come, Sopal suggested there's "always something kicking off", while also discussing her preparation for this challenging work.

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"We just all really listened to each other and respected where the story was going and each other's experiences. We were mindful to make sure that the beats of the story are individual to the characters and we're not painting it with massive broad brushstrokes," she said.

"It's finding the finer details and finding the bones of the story, which is about human beings, connection, love, jealousy and purity."

So, what can soap fans hope to see from Suki over the coming months?

"She's always up for something – she might not know at the moment but she figures it out and is unpredictable. She plays her cards that she's kept close to her chest for a while," the star went on to share.

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"I think Suki's unpredictability is what makes her a really fascinating character because nobody knows what she's going to do when.

"There are a lot of twists and turns in Suki's story with all the major key players which help to push the story along. Explosive stuff I suppose!"

We'll be there for all of it.

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