EastEnders teases aftermath of Nugget and Denzel’s steroids ordeal

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has released further details of Nugget Gulati and Denzel Danes’ ordeal, following the dramatic events of this week.

In recent months, Denzel has been taking anabolic steroids to combat his body image issues, and in turn he started giving the drugs to Nugget, who had his own struggles.

Nugget began to feel the steroids impact his health, and things came to a head in this week’s episodes, when he collapsed on the street during the Square’s boxing tournament.

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As Nugget’s family found out about his drug use at the hospital, they also discovered the worrying extent of the damage that they had done to his body.

The doctor explained to horrified parents Priya and Ravi that Nugget’s kidneys weren’t working properly and warned that if they didn’t respond to treatment soon, they would have to sort out a plan for long-term dialysis.

Meanwhile, Denzel initially denied his involvement, but he eventually confessed everything to Zack, who made him come clean to Ravi.

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Furious Ravi turned Denzel in to the police, but he got away with a juvenile caution when he explained that he didn’t make any profit from giving Nugget steroids.

In scenes that will air on Monday, July 8, Denzel talks to Nugget, who tells him that it’s dangerous to stop using steroids cold turkey.

Nugget is soon proven right when Denzel skips school to go to the gym and starts experiencing worrying pains.

But it seems there is hope for Denzel’s long-term recovery, as later in the week, Howie takes his son to the GP to talk about steroid withdrawal.

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Elsewhere, Priya is dealing with her own struggles, after Nish turned her whole family against her by claiming that they had slept together.

After Avani moved out to live with Ravi, next week Suki urges Priya not to give up on her other child Nugget.

Priya visits Nugget in hospital and attempts to explain herself, but during the conversation, she accidentally reveals to him that that doctors are considering putting him on dialysis.

How will Nugget react, and will his health improve?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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