EastEnders viewers spot hilarious 'X-rated' blunder

Viewers reckon they spotted something very cheeky indeed. (BBC)
Viewers reckon they spotted something very cheeky indeed. (BBC)

EastEnders has always dealt with controversial and gritty issues, but we doubt anyone was quite prepared for what appeared to poke out of the Slater household shower curtains on Monday night’s episode.

As Kat and Alfie Moon had an intense discussion in the Slater’s family bathroom, many fans spotted a rather unusual looking device on the shower shelf. Taking to Twitter, many fans believe they spotted a purple sex toy.

One viewer quipped that it was ‘no wonder’ Alfie had to convince Kat to let her into the bathroom.

While several others appeared to be just as tickled (no pun intended) by the discovery. Fortunately, the majority of commenters appeared to see the funny side of the potential blunder, and no one appeared to publicly feign disapproval or indeed outrage.

However, upon closer inspection the purple object does appear to be something much less exciting than a sex toy. Indeed when zoomed in, it looks like a deodorant spray.

Kat and Alfie Moon are finally back on Albert Square, and they’re set to be part of a major storyline as the truth comes out about Alfie’s lovechild. And in true soap style, it will all come out just in time for Christmas.

On Monday night’s episode Hayley Slater dropped the bombshell that the newborn in the Slater household was her child to a stunned Alfie Moon.

The baby girl named Rose, was conceived during a one night stand between Hayley and Alfie earlier this year in Spain.

Alfie already has two sons with wife Kat Slater, who is Hayley’s first cousin.

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