EastEnders' Zack Hudson receives HIV test results

EastEnders spoilers follow.

In Monday night’s (January 16) episode of EastEnders, Zack Hudson finally faced up to the reality that he might be HIV positive and went to get tested.

Last week, Zack’s old friend Brett showed up in the Square and urged him to get tested for HIV. The two used to share steroid needles, and Brett later discovered that he is HIV-positive.

Despite Zack’s best efforts to avoid the problem, his behaviour has become erratic. This continued in tonight's episode during a taste test he was hosting for Ravi, Suki and Nish at Walford East as an audition for the head chef job.

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Earlier, Suki had heard from Whitney and Chelsea how Zack had abandoned Whitney and their unborn child. During the meal, Suki couldn’t resist having a dig at Zack. "Shame your dedication doesn’t stretch to your family responsibilities," she said.

This rattled Zack and, after cutting his hand on a broken glass, he stormed out.

Ravi followed him and told him that after that second chance, he wouldn’t be giving him a third chance. Zack then shouted, "I don’t want a third chance. Look, screw your head chef, yeah?"

Back at home, Sharon tried to talk to Zack. Although he didn't tell her the full truth, her words about him having to take responsibly for his actions got through to him and he decided to go for a HIV test.

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At the surgery, he tried to put on a front, telling the nurse: "The chances... It ain't likely, is it? It ain't high, sharing needles. I looked it up. Plus, I only done it a couple of times."

After taking blood, the nurse told him: "Hardly be a minute. It's like a Covid test, but quicker."

While waiting for the results, Zack's nerves were evident as he continued talking, telling the nurse: "I haven't had any symptoms. That'd be weird, wouldn't it – all these years, no symptoms, yeah?" To which she replied: "Symptoms can often be disguised as something else."

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He then told the nurse he was going to be a dad. Before she had a chance to respond, her facial expression changed as she glanced the test results.

"Sorry, you are HIV positive," she told Zack.

How will Zack deal with the diagnosis, and what does it mean for Whitney and the baby?

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Organisations including amFAR, Terrence Higgins Trust and the National Aids Trust (NAT) can provide further information on research, testing and treatment for both HIV and AIDS.

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