Easter Egg Cheesecakes: a simple but rich dessert to sate your Easter chocolate cravings

Creative Easter treats can take hours to prepare, but not anymore, all thanks to Faye Poulton. This delightful video features Faye showing the art of making "Easter Egg Cheesecakes," a simple spring dessert. "This might be a simple recipe, but it looks like you’ve made an effort for the Easter holidays," Faye said during her chat with WooGlobe. "Start by splitting an Easter egg in half. Then, crush digestive biscuits until crumbled and mix with melted butter until damp. Gently push the mixture into the chocolate egg. "Next, add cream cheese, double cream, and icing sugar into a bowl and whip. Spoon the mixture on top of the biscuit, face decorate with your favorite chocolate, and put it in the fridge for about 3-4 hours."Name: Faye PoultonLocation: Hull, East Yorkshire, England Filmed on: 2023-03-06WooGlobe Ref : WGA502002